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The first Male Robot Companion is Developed by Liectroux Robot

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He never complains and is fully devoted to his master, handsome, knowledgeable, talking cheerfully and humorously. 

      He never complains and is fully devoted to his master, handsome, knowledgeable, talking cheerfully and humorously. Is he someone else’ boyfriend? Not exactly! He is a new research of German Liectroux Robotic Academy --- The first World Male Robot Companion.

      If the master is a talkative person, he could talk with the master whenever and on whatever topic, like philosophy, history, education etc. easily and casually.

      If the master is interested in calligraphy and painting, he will also take part in it, accompanying you in the world of art, experiencing all delicate sense and exquisite feelings of the artists. What kind of person is it on earth?

      If the master is a busy and forgetful person, he will become the master’s personal secretary, reminding of the schedule, helping the master to make phone calls and send voice email and becoming encyclopedia helper, searching all the master want to know from the Internet.

      In brief, the master will find it comfortable to get along with him as he never lose his temper, be anxious, be hot and cold now and then or keep distance from the master. He will make the master feel rest assured and open his heart completely to the master. All in all, the master can be a child or an ever princess in front of him. He is a warm-hearted and tolerant man to the master. The most interesting thing is that this Robot Companion will make romance at times. Some day, he might hold up the master’s chin, looking into the eyes soulfully, “I love three things in this world. Sun, moon and you. Sun for morning, moon for night , and you forever.”

      How does it sound? Is anyone falling in love with such talented and amusing German Liectroux Robot Companion?