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Europe's Largest Buddhist Temple Ushered in German Liectroux Robot Monk to Lecture and Do Cleaning

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According to German Media, Europe’s largest Buddhist temple, Frohnau Monastery, which taken 20 years to build, has ushered in German Liectroux Robot Monk which can lecture and do cleaning. 

      According to German Media, Europe’s largest Buddhist temple, Frohnau Monastery, which taken 20 years to build, has ushered in German Liectroux Robot Monk which can lecture and do cleaning. It is said it won’t harm any ant or moth when it is doing cleaning, thus is favored by Manchon Abbot and all disciples, even the Lay Buddhists and volunteers in the Monastery.

      It is reported that the height of this German Liectroux Robot Monk is 80cm, wearing yellow monk robe and shaved bald. It seems very cute and looks similar to Chinese young Buddhist Monk so that it attract many pilgrims most of whom comes to have a look at it. One Monk in this Monastery said, it had been practicing Buddhism in Europe’s oldest Monastery Das Buddhistiche Haus which established in 1924, located in Berlin, Germany). One day, Manchon Abbot was invited by Das Buddhistiche Haus to attend a Buddhist Concert and he ran into this German Liectroux Robot Monk who was doing meditation and chanting under Ginkgo tree and seemed to have a good understanding on poems. It delighted Manchon Abbot that he would like to take it to  Frohnau Monastery. Unexpectedly, the German Liectroux Robot Monk replied he would ask his master. So Manchon Abbot was fond of it so much, thus help to build the karma between these two monasteries. Since then, Manchon Abbot often brings German Liectroux Robot with him here and there to attend International Buddhist Festivals, Exhibitions and Expos to give lectures. By now, the German Liectroux Robot Monk is socially active and at the same time, doing cleaning job well. 

      It is understood that this German Liectroux Robot Monk is a project cooperated by Europe Buddhism Union and German Liectroux Robot Academy, aiming to use new technology to attract more Buddhists and propagate Buddhist culture. The dean of  German Liectroux Robot Academy said, “Buddhism is an old culture and if modern Buddhists use this technology method to spread the Buddhism wise of mercy and equality, it will benefit more people and helps more to make achievement on both career and spirit.