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German Liectroux Aerial Work Robot Efficiently Complete The Aerial Work

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There are many high-rise buildings in the city and these buildings that towering into the sky condense the hard work and sweat of countless aerial workers.

      There are many high-rise buildings in the city and these buildings that towering into the sky condense the hard work and sweat of countless aerial workers. All year round, whether it is hot sun or cold winter, aerial workers always struggle in the front line. It is because of them that there are tall buildings and that add color to the city.

      But behind these high-rise buildings, there are also many fresh lives that have passed away. We often see news that aerial workers fall from high altitudes due to accidents or construction ropes that are not effectively protected them. Aerial workers always take huge risks when they work and they will be injured or even lose their lives if they are just slightly careless.

      With the development of intelligent science and technology, people gradually apply intelligent robots to their lives to solve problems that are difficult to solve by human beings, which includes the safety problem of aerial workers. German Liectroux Robotics Institute has specially developed an aerial work robot that can replace human beings to conduct aerial work.

      The smart chip in the brain of this aerial work robot contains a wealth of architectural knowledge. Before the aerial operation, it will design the drawings according to the specific needs of the building, simulate the creation of the engineering drawings and then carry out the specific aerial work. Its arms are retractable robot arms with a built-in telescopic box that can effectively raise or lower the robot arms. And its arms can rotate 360 degree so that they can work in various positions and work efficiently. And the robot works with high accuracy so its working ability is very strong. In addition, the robot's limbs have strong adsorption capacity, which enable it to firmly attached to the wall to prevent slipping.

      German Liectroux Robotics Institute has been dedicated to changing people’s lives through intelligent technology. It develops the aerial work robot which can efficiently complete aerial work and avoid the risk of artificial aerial work. In addition, it has also studied in the field of robot vacuum cleaner.

      The robot vacuum cleaner developed by German Liectroux Robotics Institute adopts the most advanced laser navigation technology to calibrate the position of the machine through multi-point ranging and record the machine in space once by 360-degree continuous scanning every second. The path of its movement is very efficient. Secondly, the unique sweeping and sucking structure of the machine can flexibly switch the cleaning method according to the surrounding environment. For example, it will use the vacuum suction mouth to suck hair or clean large particle dust with floating roller brush and so on. In addition, its 220ml large automatic water-seepage water storage tank can achieve uniform water seepage and the uniformity of wet mopping and dry mopping. It has no pressure even when it faces wet mopping of a large-sized house of 150 square meters. This robot vacuum cleaner has been popularized and snapped up by consumers due to its excellent performance.