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German Liectroux Robotics Institute Newly Developed “Intelligent Heat Stroke Prevention Robot” To Help People Gain A Cool And Co

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In summer, the temperature rises and the earth looks like a steamer. People walking under the hot sun are sweating even with umbrellas, not to mention the people who still work under the hot sun.

      In summer, the temperature rises and the earth looks like a steamer. People walking under the hot sun are sweating even with umbrellas, not to mention the people who still work under the hot sun. Every summer, the parents’ carelessness of forgetting their children in the car led to a tragedy, or outdoor workers were frequently exposed to death or disability on hot summer due to heat stroke. Regarding to this, the German Liectroux Robotics Institute invented an intelligent heat stroke prevention robot to help people avoid heat stroke and have a cool and comfortable summer. 

      The robot is small and easy to carry. As long as the robot is carried around the user, it can prevent heat stroke. Heat stroke is a disorder of body temperature regulation function under the influence of high temperature and is often caused by exposure to the sun or heavy physical labor in a high-temperature environment. Once the body temperature exceeds 37°C and the humidity is greater than 80%, it is easy for people to suffer from heat stroke. Experts advise that when the temperature is higher than 37°C and it is most likely to cause heat stroke. Therefore, the working principle of this robot is mainly to prevent heat stroke by lowering the body surface temperature. The robot's built-in infrared thermal imager can monitor the user's body surface temperature in real time. Once the user's body temperature exceeds 37°C, the robot will automatically start the "body surface cooling mode" to form a barrier circle within one meter of the user. In this barrier circle, the robot will open the cooling mode. The robot contains semiconductor materials. Its working principles are mainly the Bessel effect and the Bohr effect. The robot uses a green semiconductor cooling system instead of using refrigerant cooling, which reduces the pollution to the atmosphere. And semiconductor refrigeration has no mechanical movement, no noise, no wear and it not only has reliable operation and rapid cooling, but also easy to carry out high precision temperature control through the operating current. Therefore, the robot has high cooling efficiency which can quickly cool in a short time, lower body surface temperature, and effectively avoid heat stroke.

      The intelligent heart stroke prevention robot developed by the German Liectroux Robotics Institute brought good news to the people and t no longer need to worry about heat stroke in the summer. In addition, the German Liectroux Robotics Institute has also accomplished certain achievements in the field of robot vacuum cleaners. Its smart positioning and navigation special chip can achieve full-house positioning and intelligent cleaning; its zigzag cleaning mode can achieve no omission in cleaning and leaving no dead ends; the digital variable brushless motor it uses has a powerful suction force that can quickly remove dust and hair wraps. The robot vacuum cleaners that German Liectroux Robotics Institute developed have good cleaning effect and high cleaning efficiency which are deeply loved and trusted by consumers.