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German Liectroux Robotics Institute Medical Emergency Robot Can Help Solve Urgent Medical Problems In Times Of Crisis

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 There are numerous accidents happening in life, car accidents, accidental falls, drowning and many other accidents. Many people have lost their precious lives because they have not received timely and correct assistance. 

      There are numerous accidents happening in life, car accidents, accidental falls, drowning and many other accidents. Many people have lost their precious lives because they have not received timely and correct assistance. Vulnerable groups such as children and the elderly are more vulnerable to accidental effects. Children are prone to eating some inedible things that cause them to be choked or poisoned. The elderly are prone to high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, stroke and other diseases. Therefore the medical treatment are very necessary for them.

      In order to solve this problem, the German Liectroux Robotics Research Institute has launched a new “intimate baby” medical emergency robot that can solve people’s problems in time of crisis.

      This "intimate baby" emergency medical robot looks cute and small, and also it also equipped with a medical first aid kit, containing some necessary emergency medicine. The robot has three great functions.

      The first function is its superb emergency function. The robot has the most advanced emergency capabilities in the world. It has the most comprehensive medical knowledge and its medical knowledge stock keeps upgrading automatically. The robot can also automatically transform itself into a variety of medical devices to meet the requirements of first aid, which greatly improves the success rate of first aid.

      The second function is the "auto-sensing" function. The user only needs to watch the robot in the eyes for one minute after pressing the "auto-sensing" function. Then the robot will form a "telepath" with the user and automatically import the user's personal health data and store the data in the system. In this way, as long as the user is in need of help, the robot will automatically sense the current health condition of the user, and then it can automatically locate the user's current position and come to the user with the fastest speed to perform emergency treatment.

      The third function is to automatically call the emergency phone and accurately inform the current geographical location and the fastest route to medical emergency personnel. The multiple cameras in front of the machine can display the patient's current situation in real time so that the doctor can know the patient's condition directly. The robot will conduct real-time communication with the doctor to ensure the best first-aid results are achieved before the ambulance arrives to send patients to the hospital for further treatment.

      The “Intimate Baby” robot developed by the German Liectroux Robotics Institute help save countless precious lives and benefit thousands of families. In addition, the German Liectroux Robotics Instituteis also very influential in the field of robot vacuum cleaners. The robot vacuum cleaner it developed has always been a hot product in the market. Its equipped indoor carrier positioning technology, unique bionic algorithm and high-efficiency frequency conversion brushless motor etc. enable it to maintain strong cleaning ability and extremely high cleaning efficiency and it is deeply loved and trusted by consumers.