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German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute Strongly Launches Psychological Counseling Robot To Help Users Solve Psychological Problems

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ShiHoujin,directoroftheHealthCenterandEAPCenteraswellasthe seniorexpertof China'sEAPfield,saidthatintelligentpsychologyrobotshaveawiderangeofapplicationscenarios.

      Shi Houjin, director of the Health Center and EAP Center as well as the senior expert of China's EAP field, said that intelligent psychology robots have a wide range of application scenarios. Shi Houjin says: “According to our EAP case experience, helpers who really need psychological counseling interventions account for 1% of healthy people, while the remaining 99% of helpers need only relatively simple and timely psychological comfort to get rid of emotional problems.” Therefore, it is necessary to develop a psychological counseling robot that can provide users with preliminary psychological counseling and psychological counseling services.


      According to a recent report by Berlin Evening News, German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute has strongly launched a psychological counseling robot that can help solve the psychological problems encountered by most people in their daily lives.

      The appearance of the psychological counseling robot developed by German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute highly imitates human beings and full of affinity. Differ from the psychological counseling robot developed in the past, German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute implanted artificial intelligence into the development of this psychological counseling robot. The intelligent chip equipped with its brain is embedded with the emotion recognition module, empathy module, psychological consultation corpus modules and other intelligent modules. These intelligent modules endow it the qualities that a senior counselor should have for accurate emotional recognition, psychological problem judgment and excellent communication skills etc,. So it can be applied to such high-value scenarios as psychological counseling. The psychological counseling robot will conduct one-to-one communication with the user, comprehensively communicate with the user and identify the user's emotions and other factors to judge the existed or possible psychological problems of the user. And then it will conduct targeted treatment for the specific user to help user solve psychological problems. If the robot judges that the user's psychological problem requires special manual intervention, it will immediately recommend a matching counselor for the user to perform more in-depth psychological treatment as soon as possible to solve the psychological problem earlier. This psychological counseling robot does not feel tired and it can provide psychological counseling at any time when the user needs it. What’s more, it will always be patient in the process of communication with the user so it is very popular and trusted by the users.

      The psychological counseling robot can help solve the psychological problems in people's daily life. It is an intelligent robot that can benefit human beings, which coincides with the purpose of German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute. German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute has always been adhering to the quality of German military industry and has always been popular among consumers.The robot vacuum cleaner developed by German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute adopts the third-generation LDS laser navigation technology and its scanning diameter reaches 20 meters, which can draw the home map more accurately and quickly to avoid miss cleaning and blindly cleaning and judge the home environment. Moreover, the robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 500ml large-capacity water tank which can automatically seep and store water and continue to supply water for up to 90 minutes. So it can meet the deep cleaning of large units. In addition, it is equipped with variable frequency suction mouth and V-shaped floating roller brush to achieve the switch of sweeping and sucking and to achieve more targeted cleaning. When there is much hair on the ground, it will be sucked by the variable frequency suction mouth, which possesses large suction force and is not easy to be entangled. The fiber bristles in its V-shaped floating roller brush can also clean deep into the gap to achieve more thorough cleaning. Once launched, the robot vacuum cleaner has been favored and sought after by consumers around the world for its excellent performance and stable quality.