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German Liectroux Surgery Robot The Technology Star In The Medical World

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With the development of computer technology and artificial intelligence, a variety of robots emerge in an endless stream, adding new colors to people's lives and leading people into a new era of intel

      With the development of computer technology and artificial intelligence, a variety of robots emerge in an endless stream, adding new colors to people's lives and leading people into a new era of intelligent life. German Liectroux Robotics Institute has been working on the development of all kinds of intelligent robots for a long time. Its research covers all fields, including the medical industry.

      According to relevant investigations, the workload of doctors far exceeds their normal workload and sometimes it is even more hard to encounter continuous surgeries. And the doctor needs to bear higher risks and great mental stress during their daily work. Therefore, the news of doctor’s sudden death are frequently seen in the newspaper.

      In order to reduce the workload of doctors and improve work efficiency, German Liectroux Robotics Institute has developed a surgery robot that can completely replace artificial. Its brain chip uses the most advanced intelligent memory chip, which stores all current medical knowledge and rich clinical experience. Currently, even the simplest surgery requires two to three surgeons, an anesthesiologist and several nurses. And most surgical operations require nearly a dozen individuals in the operating room. The robot can act as an anesthesiologist and nurse in practice. The robot's high efficiency enables unprecedented precision control of surgical instruments. What’s more, it will not feel tired and can work for a long time. It is particularly worth mentioning that the robot can directly replace the surgeon for surgeries when the surgeon needs to perform several operations continuously and undergoes physical exhaustion. It is highly intelligent and can perform all kinds of surgeries independently and not inferior to experienced professional surgeons.

      The development and application of surgery robot greatly has greatly reduced the number of operators during surgeries and reduced the workload of doctors. Besides, German Liectroux Robotics Institute has also studied in the field of robot vacuum cleaner. The robot vacuum cleaner developed by the company adopts the most advanced laser navigation technology. Its positioning system is a laser cruise positioning system. Its high-precision laser ranging radar can effectively scan the whole house and realize real-time positioning. And it can also memorize the map while cleaning and it is very efficient to fully record the layout of the whole house during the first comprehensive cleaning. Secondly, the bottom of the machine is equipped with a smart anti-drop infrared sensor electronic eye so it can recognize the complex environment. When it senses the drop of more than 5cm, the machine will control itself to return to avoid safety problems such as machine falling. In addition, it is equipped with a V-shaped floating roller brush that can effectively gather dust and penetrate deep into the narrow areas such as the seams of the floor and the edge of the carpet for deep cleaning. Once launched, the robot vacuum cleaner has become popular among consumers and has become the new darling of the home smart market.