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Planned Cleaning Path &
APP Control

X5S Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Get to know the cleaning effect of X5S

APP Control

Fingers' clicks, Enjoy the convenience


The charm of X5S

APP Control, Good to use

1.Finger's clicks
2.Enjoy the convenience
3.Four Cleaning Mode
4.Schedule at any time
Cleaning time setting

Gyroscope navigation system and zigzag cleaning

With Gyroscope navigation and zigzag cleaning to improve the cleaning efficiency.

Intelligent Mapping & Planned Cleaning Path

Doing a regular and efficient job.

Zigzag Cleaning, Low Missing Rate

High Coverage/ Low Repetition/ Low Missing

Gyroscope navigation
Working Regularly
No Wandering

Working with a definite direction
Recognize barriers without Rushing.

Regular Planned High-efficient

Say goodbye to the old random cleaning with zigzag cleaning
Low consumption
Higher efficiency

Intelligent Auto-recharging

When the robot is at low battery, it will return to the charging station to get fully charged to start another cleaning.

2600mAh Lithium-ion Battery Lasting Long

One-time full-charged lasts 90-120mins, one-time cleaning covers 150-200 square meters.

Gyroscope Navigation
Intelligent Cleaning Path

Thanks to the gyroscope navigation, X5S can detect the house environment and adjust its cleaning path regularly.


The cleaning effect


Sweep First, Then Mop

Dry Sweeping,
Wet Mopping

Sweeping and Mopping, Separated Dual Cleaning

Combine with sweeping and mopping as the dustbin box and water tank are switchable.

V-shaped Roller Brush + Fur Brush Deep Cleaning

Strong Suction, No fear of corners, Part from hair and dust

300ml of big water tank Good wet mopping

300ml of big water tank, meets the water to do one time cleaning.
Even permeation, keeping wet, mopping out the besmirch and dust.

Floating the cleaning assembly
Cling to the floor to do the cleaning

Cling to the floor, making cleaning easier.

Anti-falling/ Safe and rest-assured

Infrared sensor, Not to fall down stairs

Daily maintenance so easy

Clean Side Brush

A.Check side brushes for damage or foreign object on the brush.
B.Clean the side brushes
C.Remove the screws of the side brushes, Replace brushes with new ones, Use screws to lock the new brushes in place

Remove the main brush set from the robot:

Push the Brush Guard Release on the main brush, then take out the roller brush and fur brush to clean.

Clean Sensors and Charging Poles

Clean the sensors and charging poles per week make sure the robot is well maintained
Wipe the sensor window and auto charging sensors with a soft dry cloth.
Clean charging contacts on self charging base.
Clean vacuum intake and dust sensors as shown in the pictures.

Clean the Roller Brush

Please clean the roller brush by the provided cleaning brush or by water. (Do Not install until roller brush is dry.)

Cleaning of Dust Box and Filtering Cloth

Please clean the dust box, filtering cloth after every time of use.
A.Push the button of the filtering box cover, clean the filtering box and cloth.
B.Clean the dust box and empty the garbage into trash bin.
Take the filtering cloth out and clean it (wash it and dry it before second use)
1)When cleaning your dust box and water tank, please make sure that the dust box with motor CAN'T be washed. Water may damage your vacuuming motor.
2)When cleaning the mop, please do not take the mop off from the water tank, just scrub the mop under the tap by the cleaning brush.

Replace the Side Brushes

If the side brush is damaged, it needs to be replaced. Replacement brushes can be obtained from your retailer.
1.Switch the robot cleaner off and put it up-side-down.
2.Remove the retaining screw with a screwdriver.
3.Remove the old side brush and put new one in place.
4.Replace and tighten the screw.

Parameter Overview

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  Diameter 32cm          
  Height 8.8cm          
  Weight 3kg          
  Battery 2600mAH Li-Ion          
  Dustbin Capacity 600ml          
  Power 22W          
  Charging Time 240-360 min2          
  Cleaning Time 90-120min2          
  Noise 45DB          
  Side Brush Double          
  Water Tank 300ml water tank+ 300ml dustbin box          
  Cleaning with central brush Yes          
  Intelligent Dust Detection -----          
  UV Function -----          
  Obstacle Avoidance Yes          
  Anti-drop Sensors Yes          
  Voice Prompt Yes          
  Auto Recharge Yes          
  Remote Control Yes          
  Cleaning Modes Auto/Spot/Edge/Schedule          
  Map Navigation -----          
  Wifi Control Yes