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B2005Plus Wet & Dry Mopping

High-end Robot Vacuum Cleaner B2005Plus

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Get to know the cleaning effect of B2005Plus

Wet & Dry Mopping

The mop can not only mop the floor, but also drip the water automatically and evenly.

The charm of B2005Plus

Wet & Dry Mopping

The mop can not only mop the floor, but also drip the water automatically and evenly.

Smart Technology of frequency conversion

The application of frequency conversion to Robot Vacuum Cleaner B2005Plus and the electric eye installed inside the dust absorption area, makes the robot recognize the dust while it does the cleaning and focus on cleaning the area with much dust, avoiding the robot going randomly.

Various Cleaning Modes

B2005Plus has various cleaning modes, including auto cleaning mode, spot cleaning mode, edge cleaning mode, scheduling mode.

To explore new territory

Robot vacuum cleaner that can do mopping and
vacuuming better than human power.


The cleaning effect


Big Mop

Mop of 370 square centimeters does the mopping as human do.

Double Side Brushes

Double side brushes make B2005Plus clean the corners perfectly. Central hole structure avoids the suction inlet being blocked by rubbish.

With 90mm in height

With 90mm in height, the robot can go through the furniture like sofa, table and bed easily.

Smart Recharging Design

The robot will go back to the charging base to recharge at low battery.

Anti-collision sensors

B2005Plus will turn around when it runs to the furniture then effectively avoids the damage caused by the collision.

Anti-falling sensors

With the intelligent infrared introduction of anti-falling, the robot will automatically recognize the edge and avoid falling down from stairs or tables.

Virtual Blocker

The virtual blocker makes the robot work within certain area where you want it to be cleaned.

UV Sterilization

The UV light will kill the bacteria on the floor and carpet, keeping the house clean and healthy.

Low noise

50DB noise will not disturb you when you are at work and at rest.

Filters prevent secondary pollution

The dust and rubbish is separated so that the suction port will not be blocked. The primary filter and HEPA filter can filter micro dust and prevent secondary pollution.

Daily maintenance so easy

Clean Side Brush

A.Check side brushes for damage or foreign object on the brush.
B.Clean the side brushes
C.Remove the screws of the side brushes, Replace brushes with new ones, Use screws to lock the new brushes in place

Clean Sensors and Charging Poles

Clean the sensors and charging poles per week or according to daily use to  make sure the robot is well maintained.
Wipe the sensor window and auto charging sensors with a soft dry cloth.
Clean charging contacts on self charging base.
Clean vacuum intake and dust sensors as shown in the pictures.

Clean dustbin

Note: After taking out dustbin, check if there is foreign object stuck or block the vacuum passage and clean it if necessary.
A.Press "PUSH" to open the dustbin cover.
B.Take out the dustbin
C.Separate HEPA filter from dustbin.
D.Pull out dustbin top cover and take out primary filter.
E.Empty dustbin and wipe the dust
F.Wash dustbin with water.

Clean and Replace Filters

Clean filters with cleaning brush tool. 
Note: Clean dustbin module when the trash icon flashes on the display panel.
Install primary filter and HEPA filter into dustbin.
Note: 1. Install both HEPA and primary filters when they are dry.
   2. Do not place HEPA and primary filters directly in the sun.
Close dustbin cover and install it into main unit.
Note: Dustbin and Filters( including HEPA and filter) could be replaced if needed.

How to handle the water tank trailing bar

1.Open the water injection hole, after water injected, stick the mop to the right place.
2.Aim at the relevant holes and assemble the trailing bar on the cleaner.

Parameter Overview

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  Diameter 34cm          
  Height 9cm          
  Weight 3kg          
  Battery 2000mAH Ni-MH          
  Dustbin Capacity 300ml          
  Power 24W          
  Charging Time 3-4 hours          
  Cleaning Time About 90 min          
  Noise 50 dB          
  Side Brush Double          
  Water Tank 300 ml          
  Cleaning with central brush -----          
  Intelligent Dust Detection Yes          
  UV Function -----          
  Obstacle Avoidance Yes          
  Anti-drop Sensors Yes          
  Voice Prompt Yes          
  Auto Recharge Yes          
  Remote Control Yes          
  Cleaning Modes Auto/Spot/Edge/Schedule          
  Map Navigation -----          
  Wifi Control -----