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German Liectroux Robotics Institute Newly develops Night Running Companion Robot To Allow People Run Safely At Night

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In recent years, more and more people have joined the “night runners family”. Many office workers can't get up in the morning and they are busy with their work during the day but they also want to exercise.

       In recent years, more and more people have joined the “night runners family”. Many office workers can't get up in the morning and they are busy with their work during the day but they also want to exercise. So night running has become their new fitness choice. But when the night running is getting more prevalent, it also brings a series of risks. For example, there are cases that the night runners experience sudden death and when the night runners encounter thieves and gangsters, their property safety and personal safety are greatly threatened. Especially for women, the risk of night running is higher, and news about women being raped or cruelly killed when they run at night is endless. In response to this phenomenon, German Liectroux Robotics Institute newly develops night running companion robot to allow people to run safely without worrying.

      This night running companion robot possess two main functions. One is the running protection function and the other is the route planning and navigation function. The running protection function is that when the user runs at night, as long as the "work" button on the robot is turned on, the robot will immediately start the working state. The robot is very intelligent and has a stronger reaction and perception of the external environment and things than humans. It will always stay alert. The robot has good vision and agile action. It can sense and identify all living objects that appear within 20 meters of the user's circle and automatically identify potential dangers such as humans carrying cutlery, large dogs or vipers, etc. When these potential dangers are detected, the robot will promptly inform the user to change the route in time to continue night running or find a hidden place to hide. Even when the gangster is very fierce and directly rushes to hurt the user, the robot will immediately take measures to protect the user. For example, when encountering a  gangster with weapons, the robot will temporarily knock down the gangster by electric shock, and then makes an alarm call and it can automatically record the process as evidence to the police.

      The night-running robot also has route planning and navigation functions. During the night running, the machine can automatically locate the user’s current position and then detect a safer night running area nearby. And if the user gets lost during the night running, then the robot will also conducts navigation to guide the user safely to home.

      The night running companion robot developed by the German Liectroux Robotics Research Institute is a good helper for night runners. It can guarantee the safety of night runners and let the "night runners" be able to run at night. In addition, German Liectroux Robotics Institute has also conducted research on robot vacuum cleaners.The robot vacuum cleaners developed by German Liectroux Robotics Institute adopts the most advanced wireless carrier positioning system in the market, which can break through the scope control and realize the whole house positioning. And it can use the bionic algorithm to work and establish home map in real time during operation, and independently calculate the indoor partition plan. It can achieve scientific cleaning and has very high cleaning efficiency. Its cleaning efficiency is very high. In addition, The robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 220ml large-capacity water tank and has a golden ratio of water seepage holes that has a very perfect ratio. It has no pressure when cleaning large scale house. And it is possessed with a intelligent anti-drop infrared sensor electronic eyes at the bottom of the machine, which can intelligently identify complex terrain and protect the machine. It can detect the drop of more than 5cm and turn around in time to prevent the machine from breaking.