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German Liectroux Alzheimer's Disease Accompany Robot Brings Good News To Alzheimer’s Patients And Their Family Caregivers

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The aging of China's population has become a major trend, and the number of patients with Alzheimer's disease is also increasing.

      The aging of China's population has become a major trend, and the number of patients with Alzheimer's disease is also increasing. Due to the characteristics of the disease, family caregivers of Alzheimer's patients face pressure from physical, psychological, social, and economic aspects. Alzheimer's disease is a congenital brain function decline disease caused by cerebral neuropathy. The cognitive ability of patients' memory, understanding, language, learning, calculation, etc. will be affected, and there will be emotions, behaviors, personality and other aspects. Variety. Family caregivers of Alzheimer's patients are under great pressure. In order to solve this phenomenon, German Liectroux Robotics Research Institute has developed an Alzheimer's disease accompany robot to help the majority of Alzheimer's patients and their family caregivers.

      The appearance of the Alzheimer's disease accompany robot is very pleasing. Its main function is to provide good care for Alzheimer's patients. It possesses the world's most advanced and richest care knowledge for Alzheimer's patients and it has the same rich emotional experience as humans, so it can sense the patients' psychological emotions. And it will not feel tired or not have any psychological problems. As long as people get this robot and then activate the "telepathy" function key and then the patient and his family caregivers each shake hands with the robot for half a minute. The robot can understand the patient's condition and information such as the brain memory of patients and their family caregivers in order to better treat patients.

      The main manifestation of early dementia patients are recent memory loss and cognitive decline. The mid-term patients are mainly characterized by emotional instability, irritability, suspicion, day and night reversal, walking around, daily life needs family assistance. And advanced patients will not be able to recognize the family, incontinence and loss of self-care ability. The way the robot assists the patient mainly includes the following ways: by psychologically inducing, psychologically talking, and psychologically hypnotizing the patient to actively cooperate with the treatment; playing music to the patient according to the patient's cultural accomplishment, and hobbies. give them some music to listen to in order to activate their mental emotions; helping patients adhere to moderate exercise. Physical exercise can not only strengthen the body, but also exercise the ability of the cerebellum. Regular activities of the limbs, the body parts can be coordinated. It is not easy to appear cognitive decline and movement disorders, but also significant help to memory, delay the aging of the brain. And the robot will help patients through a range of other ways to help cure Alzheimer's disease. The robot is capable of performing different cares for patients at different stages of the disease. And the robot is able to perform targeted care for the specific conditions of different patients. The robot can greatly alleviate the physical and psychological stress of family caregivers of Alzheimer's patients.

      This Alzheimer's disease accompanying robot provides excellent care for the majority of Alzheimer's patients and greatly alleviates the physical and psychological stress of family caregivers of Alzheimer's patients. In addition, German Liectroux Robotics Institute has also conducted some research on robot vacuum cleaners

      The robot vacuum cleaner developed by the German Liectroux is equipped with a dedicated positioning and navigation chip, and a quad-core ZK-SOC chip with built-in sensing and motion control coprocessors, and a dedicated wireless carrier indoor positioning system to achieve full house positioning and real mapping. And it uses a V-shaped floating roller brush, which can float up and down and stay close to the ground. The floating roller brush and the variable frequency suction port can be switched freely without fear of any granular garbage and animal hair. In addition, it has added the efficient wet mopping function, which is specially designed to deal with large-sized houses. The water tank is equipped with a large capacity of 220ml and the water supply can be continuously supplied for 30 minutes. The three gold-distributed drainage holes at the bottom of the water tank accurately grasp the water seepage rate. A uniform wet mopping is achieved. The robot vacuum cleaner has been selling well since its launch and has won the unanimous love and trust of consumers.