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German Liectroux Robotics Institute Newly Developed “Good-sleep baby” Robot To Help People Easily Get A Nice Sleep At Night

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German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence has successfully developed a "Good-sleep baby" robot to help people easily get a good sleep.

      In modern times, people are under a lot of stress. Many people often suffer from insomnia or nightmares at night and their sleep quality is poor. As a result, they feel listless and lack of work efficiency the next day. In view of the current situation, German Liectroux Robotics Institute and German top artificial intelligence research institute - German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence has successfully developed a "Good-sleep baby" robot to help people easily get a good sleep.

      The outlook of the "Good-sleep baby" robot is designed with reference to the image of “Da Bai” in the movie “Big Hero”. Its body shape is a chubby inflatable charging robot, which is regarded as “Cute God” and “guardian warm man”. The appearance of “Da Bai” makes users feel relieved. The robot's hands are covered with a miniature applied electroencephalography multi-lead recording device. By gently touching the human brain, the robot is able to influence and stimulate partial distal cortical functions that relevant with function to realize the regional reconstruction of cortical function through complex transcranial magnetic stimulation. And it can regulate the brain neurotransmitters and their transmission, the expression of multiple receptors in various brain regions including serotonin receptors and neuronal excitability, thereby achieving hypnotic effects, enabling people to fall in sleep peacefully in 30 minutes.

      The robot also possesses a very advanced feature, which is to allow users to control their own dreams, including the elimination of dreams and the creation of dreams. If users wants to avoid dreaming all night, they can turn on the “dreamless”mode. “Da Bai” will allow users to sleep all night without dreams and have a good rest; if users want to have a good dream, they can activate “Good dreams, Nice sleep” mode, and “Da Bai” will input the rough frame of the dream in advance and then design and perfect the entire dream, and give the user a good experience of dream at night in the end.

      The "Good-sleep baby" robot that developed by the German Liectroux Robotics Research Institute and German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence has helped tens of millions of users get good sleep and solved the annoyance and trouble caused by insomnia. In addition, the intelligent robot vacuum cleaners developed by German Liectroux Robotics Research Institute are also very popular among users.Its equipped intelligent chip and digital frequency conversion brushless motor etc have greatly improved the cleaning ability and cleaning efficiency of robot vacuum cleaners and created a clean and tidy home environment for users. It has received a great response in the market.