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German Liectroux Space Exploration Robot Help Humans Explore the Mysteries Of Space

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At present, the earth faces serious challenges such as climate warming, ecological destruction, energy depletion, the possible asteroids hitting to the earth etc., In order to better protect and devel

      At present, the earth faces serious challenges such as climate warming, ecological destruction, energy depletion, the possible asteroids hitting to the earth etc., In order to better protect and develop the earth as well as fully developing and utilizing space resources to improve human life. Humans have never stopped detecting space.

      The space exploration robot looks like a human astronaut. It is dressed in a special spacesuit. Its internal body structure is completely designed according to the space environment. It can adapt to the space environment, so it can move freely and flexibly in space. It will not be harmed by the space environment. The robot's brain is built with a human-like smart chip that contains all the aviation knowledge that is currently known to humans and the information can be updated in real time. The electronic screen on the chest of the robot can capture its work process and the pictures that humans want to know about the space. And the robot has a . And when it enters the space environment to work, it can keep in touch with human , thus completing the space exploration work well and it is very convenient to operate. In addition, its built-in wireless charging module will charge itself automatically in time when the robot's power is low only 20% to ensure that it can stay in work state all the time.

      In addition to researching and inventing intelligent robots for special fields, German Liectroux Robotics Institute has also developed various intelligent robots for people's daily life so that ordinary people can enjoy the convenience brought by intelligent technology. In order to help people better solve the problem of cleaning the home environment, German Liectroux Robotics Institute has developed robot vacuum cleaner.

      The robot vacuum cleaner developed by the company adopts the most advanced laser navigation technology. It adopts the laser ranging navigation system. And the laser distance measuring sensor relies on its laser ranging navigation system to measure the distance and cooperate with the intelligent artificial algorithm. By doing so, it can build a map, identify obstacle locations and plan cleaning routes. Secondly, its unique V-shaped spiral floating roller brush can deeply clean all kinds of impurity dust which is difficult to clean in the floor gap and its cleaning effect is outstanding. Besides, its 220ml large-capacity water tank can supply water for 90 minutes. The three drainage holes distributed at the bottom of the tank in a perfect way are able to accurately grasp the water seepage rate and achieve uniform wet mopping. Once therobot vacuum cleaner is launched, it was widely loved and snapped up by consumers due to its excellent performance.

      Humans are not fully aware of space so astronauts face an unpredictable environment in space. And they need to face various factors such as vacuum, micro-meteorite impact, space debris, microgravity and extreme temperature etc., Therefore, robots that can replace human space exploration are especially important.

      Nowadays, the rapid development of science and technology, robots with different functions have emerged and are active in different fields, from heaven to underground, from industrial development to agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery, aviation, military and other fields and gradually deep into people's daily lives. It has Greatly improved people's lives and injected new vitality into people's lives. German Liectroux Robotics Institute is a German military industry. It has been adhering to the fine work style of German military industry. And it has been researching intelligent robots for decades and has successfully developed a variety of intelligent robots for various industries. Among them, the invention of the space exploration robot in aviation has greatly promoted the exploration process of space.