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The Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Clean Floors Without The Effort

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Most of us like a clean house, but few of us enjoy the chore of keeping it that way. Vacuuming is a time consuming task and one that sometimes gets ignored.

      Choosing a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

      Most of us like a clean house, but few of us enjoy the chore of keeping it that way. Vacuuming is a time consuming task and one that sometimes gets ignored. With a robot vacuum cleaner, vacuuming becomes effortless and a clean house becomes attainable.

      On this page, you can learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of these devices, get some tips on choosing one, and see a few of the more respected models.

      The Pros and Cons of a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

      Like all products, a robot vacuum cleaner offers a number of advantages and a few disadvantages as well.

      They allow you to reduce the amount of time you spend vacuuming. In fact, you can schedule them to do the task while you are out.

      They are ideal for keeping pet hair/fur to a minimum. Because they can easily be scheduled to vacuum at least once a day, you can be sure much of the fur is picked up routinely. In fact, some models provide features designed especially for households with pets.

      They can help vacuum in hard to clean spots. Most robot vacuum cleaners will clean under beds and sofas. They will also get closer to walls and furniture than some upright vacuum cleaners. Those with side brushes will certainly pick up more debris along the edges of the room.

      They can help reduce the strain on your back. For anyone with an existing back condition, vacuuming can be a difficult or painful task. A robot vacuum cleaner eliminates this problem.

      Because these cleaners can vacuum more frequently than most people find the time to do manually, they can also be useful for people with allergies to dust, pollen, and pet dander. These allergens will be picked up more regularly as described above, but in addition, the person with allergies can be absent while vacuuming is occurring, further reducing their exposure.

      On the downside, a robot vacuum cleaner won't clean stairs. And, if you have two floors in your home, you will either need two cleaners or you'll need to carry it from floor to floor.

      In addition, one of these robotic cleaners will cost more than the average upright vacuum cleaner, although less than some high end vacuums.

      Choosing a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

      Before choosing a robot vacuum cleaner there are a few things to consider:

      The surfaces you want to clean.

      First you need to determine whether or not you want a vacuum cleaner or a mop. Most are designed for vacuuming but there are a few that will wet mop. If you choose a vacuum, then you'll want to be sure it can handle the types of surfaces you have to clean. Ideally, the vacuum can automatically transition between hard floors like hardwood, tile, vinyl, and linoleum, to carpeted surfaces. In addition, it's best if it can handle going over rugs without getting caught on the edge or sucking up any fringe.

      Ease of Use

      There are a number of features that can make a particular robot vacuum cleaner easier to use. Certainly having a bin that is readily accessible and easy to empty will make the task more simple. If you have pets, you'll probably want to consider the capacity of the bin as well. If you have a multiple cat household for instance, you could potentially have to empty the bin 3 times in a single cleaning if the bin is too small.

      Another convenience feature is the ability to schedule cleaning times through a timer. This would allow the robot to clean at a specific time each day without any additional action on your part.

      Automatic recharging is another convenience feature. If the device autmatically charges itself when it's done with it's task, you won't have the problem of being unable to useit later due to a drained battery.


      Certainly suction power matters. Looking at current customer reviews can give you a good idea of how owners of a given robot vacuum cleaner feel about it's performance. In addition, you can look for features like side brushes which help the device get closer to walls and so forth.


      You'll also want to be sure that the area you wish to clean isn't larger than what the device can handle. Of course you can purchase two vacuums or you can rotate where you use it, but this definitely cuts down on ease of use and how frequently an area gets cleaned.