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Get to know the cleaning effect of C30B

LIECTROUX C30B Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Cleaning Map Display on Mobile App


With Memory & Accurate Positioning to cover




the whole house without missing any partition.

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The robot vacuum cleaner will do map navigation automatically for the whole house then accurately position the whole house and make the partition cleaning scheme. The cleaning efficiency will be greatly improved because of the regular cleaning path. 

The charm of C30B


Excellent Configuration 

The upgraded multi-functions make the good performance on all kinds of floors. 


2D Map Navigation Bionic Algorithm 


Don't need complicated steps but only finger's clicks to give the

instructions of the cleaning modes. 


The cleaning path is visible on the mobile app so you could know the cleaning at a glance timely. And adjust the cleaning modes at any time as you want. 

The cleaning path is visible on the mobile app so you could know the cleaning at a glance timely. And adjust the cleaning modes at any time as you want. 

WiFi App Control Control At Your


Visualization of Cleaning Process 


Does cleaning as human being,
even better than human cleaning with smart function. 


Make Up the Missing Part Thoroughly             
As the robot memorizes where has been cleaned and where has not. It will make up the missing area and the edge of the wall then no any part is missing and the whole is cleaned thoroughly. 

Smart Chip Imported from Japan

Does cleaning as or even better than human beings. 


Intelligent Partition Cleaning Covering the Whole House       
The robot vacuum will do a partition clenaing scheme and calculate the size of the room automatically. 

Strong Suction Wipe Out Every Tiny Dust Everywhere It Godes       
Fan assembly with big suction and low noise, floating central brush and dynamic side brushes make cleaning easy and convenient. 


Say goodbye to random cleaning modes Save Time and Energy      Advanced gyroscope navigation and mapping system building. 

Easy to Switch the Dustbin and the Water Tank          
No need to put the robot vacuum cleaner upside down but just insert the dustbin or the water tank into the bottom of the robot vacuum 

then the installation is in place. 


Intelligent Water Tank  Effective Removal of Stains
Electric water tank enables the water to come out when working and stop to come out when not working. 

2500mAh Li-ion Battery    
The 2500mAh Li-ion battery enables the robot to clean a large household. 


V-shaped Brush of Floating and Anti-twining Helps a Deep Clean
The floor joint and carpet edge is where dust hides and hard to clean. V-shaped floating roller brush collects the dust by clinging to the floor to do the fluctuate cleaning and at the same time to prevent second pollution. 

1. Press the dust box button to take out the dust box; 
2. Open the dust box side cover; 
3. Dumping the rubbish.
4. Open the HEPA Filter cover; 

Smart Chip Imported from Japan


1. Add Water
2. Install Mop
3. Install the water tank assembly
4. Start Mopping the floor
Note: Do not use the floor mopping function on carpets. 
After mopping the floor, please empty the water tank in time and remove the mop. 

Installation of Water Tank


Maintenance of Dust Box


5. Open the HEPA filter cover and take out the HEPA filter and the primary filter. It is not recommended to wash the HEPA filter by water. Tap gently to remove the dust; 
6. Rinse the primary filter; 
7. The dust box should be scrubbed with mop; 

Maintenance of Dustbin Box


8. Dry the dust box and filter assembly and keep it dry to ensure its service life; 
9. Replace the primary filter and the HEPA filter into the dust box; 
Note: 1. Before installing the filters, please ensure that the HEPA filter and the primary filter are in dry state. 
10. Do not expose the HEPA filter and primary filter to the sun. 
11. Close the dust box cover and install the dust box into the host. 
Note: Do not allow water to seep into the fan port when cleaning.

How to clean the rubbish in the dustbin of the water tank


1.Take out the water tank assembly;
2. Remove the mop;
3. Empty the Water Tank;
4. Washing mop;
5. Airing;
6. Dry or naturally dry the water tank.

Maintenance of Water Tank and Mop


1. Put the water tank horizontally with the dustbin port upside.
2. Clean up the rubbish in the dustbin of the water tank with running water.
3. Dry up the conductive shrapnel


Maintenance of charging pole pieces, ground sensors, drive wheels and 
universal wheel


1. Open the roller brush cover assembly;
2. Take out the roller brush shaft;
3. Use the cleaning brush to cut off the hair tangled on the roller brush;
4. Clean the side brush. 

Maintenance of roller brush and side brush


1.Clean the charging pole pieces with cloth. 
2.Clean the ground sensors with cloth. 
3.Clean the drive wheels and the universal wheel with cloth. 
Note: If you do not use the product for a long time, please fully charge it before storing. Turn off the host and keep charging power to it every 3 months to prevent the battery from over discharge. If the battery is over discharged or is not used for a long time, the product may not be able to be charged. Please contact our company for after-sales maintenance. Do not disassemble it by yourself. 


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2500mAH Ni-MH



About 300 minutes

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