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LIECTROUX 11S Robot Vacuum Cleaner


With Electric Control Air Pump Water Tank


Getting to know the cleaning effect of 11S


One button to start cleaning 

Enjoy the smart vacuum life 

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The robot vacuum cleaner will do map navigation automatically for

the whole house then accurately position the whole house and

make the partition cleaning scheme. The cleaning efficiency will be greatly improved due to the regular cleaning path.

The charm of 11S


Combined with all the latest functions of robot vacuum cleaner in the industry. As clever as human beings. 


2D Map Navigation


The robo t vacuum cleaner has map navigation and it knows where has been cleaned and where has not, so it will not repeat cleaning the same area. 


Wifi App Control  Control at Your Pleasure 

Adjust the cleaning modes as you need at any time with mobile app



Make Up the Missing Part Thoroughly
Clean the Whole House
As the robot memorize where has been cleaned

and where has not. It will make up the missing area

and the edge of the wall then no part is missing

so the whole house is cleaned thoroughly. 



Say goodbye to random cleaning modes.

Less energy consumption. 


High-precision Cleaning No Wandering
Bionic Algorithm    Life Trajectory 


The Cleaning Effect 


Using the APP to intelligently control the water outlet with constant pressure and adjust the water outlet with high, medium and low three levels precisely. Besides, it better protects the floor with this water tank. The floor will be immediately dry after wet mopping. 


Brushless frequency conversion motor with high performance, high rotation speed, strong suction power and low noise enable the robot work powerfully. 

Strong suction wipes out every tiny dust wherever it goes.
Fan assembly with big suction and low noise, combined with dynamic side brushes make cleaning easy and convenient. 


The technique of noise reducing makes the working noise as low as whispering. 

Small stature of 7.8cm in height, as thin as to go under furniture freely. Clean every corner out of sight and out of reach by human beings. 


The large capacity of 2600mAh Lithium battery enables the robot to clean a large household and a long-lasting service life. 

Deal with various floor environment easily 
Floor: The strong suction power of the robot enables it to suck the dust on wooden floor, marble floor and ceramic tiles.
Carpet: The robot is able to collect the dust and little particulates on the carpet. (only suitable for carpet with height less than 1cm.)


Humanized groups of sensors, anti-collision, anti-falling, auto recharging, so considerate to take care of your sense of security. 

Clean the dust box and filter 

Daily maintenance so easy


1.Fix the both sides of the water seepage rag along the end of the holder and stick the water seepage rage well. Install the holder with water seepage rag to the bottom of the host, attach to the bottom of the host. 
2.Open the injector rubber plug, add the water slowly, when add it fully, cover the rubber plug. 
3.Open the cover of the machine, move the dust box, put in the full tank. 
4.Start any mode of clean, machine will do both vacuuming and mopping. 

Installation of water tank


1.Remove dust box
2.Open the dust box lock, clean garbage


3.Remove the filter, do not clean HEPA filter with water, pat it softly to clean dust. 
4.Wash the dust box and the primary filter, dry dust box and filter, keep them dry for longer life. 

Clean the dust box and filter


1.Take off after mopping the floor, take off the tank, cloth and the holder
2.Maintain: wash and dry the mop

Clean the cloth


1.Take off: after mopping the floor, take off the accessories, remove the cloth, drain the excess water from the tank
2.Maintain: wipe and dry the tank

Clean the water tank


1.Clean the side brush. Take off the side brush, wipe it with clean cloth. 
2.Clean the universal wheel. Clean the universal wheel to deduct the hair. 
3.Take out the universal wheel with special tool carefully. 
4.Take off the wheel and clear the hair. 
5.Put back the wheel, press it tightly. 

Clean the side brush and universal wheel 


1.Clean the downward sensor with cloth. Ensure sensor’s sensitivity. 
2.Please sue the cloth to clan the dust on vacuuming mouth. 

Clean downward sensor and vacuuming mouth


Use dry cloth to clean electrode patch on bottom set of host and on charging dock. 

Clean the electrode patch

Parameter Overview

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Dustbin Capacity


Charging Time

Cleaning Time

Dustbin Capacity


Side Brush

Water Tank

Cleaning with central brush

Intelligent Dust Detection

UV Function

Obstacle Avoidance

Anti-drop Sensors

Voice Prompt

Auto Recharge

Remote Control

Cleaning Modes

Map Navigation



About 280min

About 100-200min










Planning/Spot/Along Wall/Schedule/Mop floor 






Wifi Control