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LIECTROUX Robot Vacuum Cleaner Q7000 Gyroscope Navigation Zigzag Planned Cleaning

Product description
Product Charm
Cleaning guarantee
Daily maintenance

Gyroscope Navigation
Robot Vacuum Cleaner Q7000


Zigzag-planned Type Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Get to know the cleaning effect of Q7000


Walking on your feet freely

The floor cleaned by Q7000 is so clean without bacteria and dust
so that you could walk on your feet at ease.

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Voice prompt and touch screen operations. Just press CLEAN to start cleaning.

The charm of Q7000


Zigzag Cleaning

Intelligent zigzag cleaning path, planned and regularly, improve the cleaning coverage.


User Friendly Design
Easy Operation


Auto Cleaning: Q7000 can adjust its cleaning routine automatically based on different floor types.
Spot Cleaning: Q7000 will spend more time in dirty areas.
Edge Cleaning: Q7000 will clean the edge and corner of the walls.
Zigzag Cleaning: A planned and regular cleaning mode.
Schedule Cleaning: You can schedule the cleaner to start cleaning at scheduled time.


Dry Sweeping, Wet Mopping
The water in the water tank can slowly wet the mop to do the

mopping, thus improve the cleaning efficiency.
The design of water infection hole is accurate so that the water will creep evenly to the mop.

Small Body, Big Water Tank


Five Cleaning Modes


2000mAH Li-ion Battery


The Dustbin Capacity is 300ml and washable

The large size of dustbin enable the robot to clean a big area at one time so that you don't have to clean it frequently. Also the dustbin is washable to keep healthy and clean.
Filtering the Dust
The application of air purification standard to filter all the particles, making the air nice and clean.


2000mAH Li-ion Battery lasts long and makes low energy consumption. One-time cleaning can cover an area of 150-200㎡ in 100mins.


Gyroscope Navigation
Intelligent Cleaning Path

Thanks to the gyroscope navigation, Q7000 can detect the house environment

and adjust its cleaning path regularly.

Thanks to the gyroscope navigation, Q7000 can detect the house environment

and adjust its cleaning path regularly.


The cleaning effect


Q7000 can find its way back to the charging station at low battery to get recharged without manual help.


Low Noise

The noise is about 50DB without disturbing your life.

Intelligent Suction Adjustment

Q7000 will adjust its suction power according to different floor

types. It will clean the floor more effectively and also save more battery power.


Anti-fall sensors

The infrared sensors under the bottom will automatically detect the height drop so that the robot will not fall and get damaged.

Auto Recharge

The UV light will kill the bacteria on the floor and carpet, keeping the house clean and healthy.


Climb across barriers without

manual help

UV Sterilization

The robot can climb across a slope of angle up to 15 degree and threshold of height up to 10mm.

Clean the sensors and charging poles per week or according to daily use to make sure the robot is well maintained.
Wipe the sensor window and auto charging sensors with a soft dry

Clean charging contacts on self charging base
Clean vacuum intake and dust sensors as shown in the pictures.

Daily maintenance so easy


Clean the Roller Brush

A.Check side brushes for damage or foreign object on the brush.
B.Clean the side brushes
C.Remove the screws of the side brushes, Replace brushes with

new ones, Use screws to lock the new brushes in place


Clean Sensors and Charging Poles

Clean filters with cleaning brush tool.
Note: Clean dustbin module when the trash icon flashes on the display panel.
Install primary filter and HEPA filter into dustbin.
Note: 1. Install both HEPA and primary filters when they are

2. Do not place HEPA and primary filters directly in the sun.
Close dustbin cover and install it into main unit.
Note: Dustbin and Filters( including HEPA and filter) could be

replaced if needed.


Clean dustbin

Note: After taking out dustbin, check if there is foreign object stuck or block the vacuum passage and clean it if necessary.
A.Press "PUSH" to open the dustbin cover.
B.Take out the dustbin
C.Separate HEPA filter from dustbin.
D.Pull out dustbin top cover and take out primary filter.
E.Empty dustbin and wipe the dust.
F. Wash dustbin with water.


Clean and Replace Filters


How to handle the water tank

trailing bar

1.Open the water injection hole, after water injected, stick the mop

to the right place.
2.Aim at the relevant holes and assemble the trailing bar on the


Parameter Overview

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Dustbin Capacity


Charging Time

Cleaning Time


Side Brush

Water Tank

Cleaning with central brush

Intelligent Dust Detection

UV Function

Obstacle Avoidance

Anti-drop Sensors

Voice Prompt

Auto Recharge

Remote Control

Cleaning Modes

Map Navigation

Wifi Control




2000 mAh Li-Ion



270-300 mins

About 90 mins