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Product name

Liectroux A338 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Sweep, Mop, Vacuum, Sterilization, LCD Touch Screen, Auto Charge, Schedule Cleaning

Product description

Easily handle each kind of
floor environment

Capable of cleaning a house with a size of 150-200 square meters,
continuously working for 120minutes

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Get to know the cleaning effect of A338

Walking on your feet freely

The floor cleaned by the robot vacuum cleaner is so clean without bacteria
and dust so that you could walk on your feet at ease.

The charm of A338

Keep the house clean and tidy every day

The functions of “ Sweep, Mop, Vacuum, Sterilization” makes the cleaning more thoroughly!

Nice Exterior

Easy to use with 3 smart touch buttons in the big LCD touch screen


Artistic Details

In order to give users good visual sense, Liectroux Robot Vacuum Cleaner A338 is designed elaborately with smooth streamline and appreciating details.

Strict Tests

Each production procedure is under strict tests to make sure of the product quality


“Schedule Cleaning”

The robot will do the cleaning at scheduled time and when you
return home, the house has been cleaned.

The cleaning effect

Various cleaning modes wipes
out all dust and rubbish


Anti-collision Sensors

There are four infrared sensors that will prevent the robot from running into furniture or other barriers.


Auto Recharging

The signal of recharging extends to 180 degree so that the robot will go back to the charging station at low battery automatically.


Keep Home Healthy

The UV light disinfects the bacteria mites so as to keep home healthy.


Two-infrared Virtual Blocker

The creative two-infrared virtual blocker better controls the cleaning areas and keeps the robot away from your space.


Anti-fall Sensors

There are anti-fall sensors on the bottom that keeps the robot from falling downstairs so that the robot will not be damaged or do harm to your furniture.


Cross Barriers

Up-down wheels make the robot cross the barriers within height of 15mm easily.

Modular design makes daily
and self maitenance available

Daily maintenance so easy

How to match the remote control with the robot vacuum cleaner?

First press “ENTER” button on the remote control for a few seconds and turn on the switch on the right side of the robot. If you could hear “Beep” twice, then the matching is done. The remote control could be used then. If you couldn’t hear “Beep” twice, repeat above steps.

Take off the dustbin

Use your thumb to press the dustbin button on the top of the robot, and the other four fingers on the bottom of the robot, then draw out the dustbin backwards. Pour out the dust. (Please notice the fan assembly should not be washed. Please refer to the User’s Manual on fan assembly.


Install Virtual Blocker

A.Open the cover at the bottom of the virtual blocker, and install the battery as the picture. The negative side is close to the knob and the other is the positive side.

Replace HEPA Filter

Break out the fastener on the right side of the dustbin thus open the HEPA Filter bracket. Press the bracket with one hand making the fastener off the HEPA Filter and take out the HEPA Filter with the other hand, then replace the new HEPA Filter. (Please refer to User’s Manual for details)


HEPA Filter Cleaning

Take off the HEPA Filter as the above descr ibed to take off the HEPA Filter, then use the Liectroux brush to wipe out the rubbish and dust (As the Left picture)

Mop Installation

Install the mopping pad vertically with the two card holes matching with the two card slots on the bottom of the robot, then put the mopping pad horizontally. (Please refer to the Page 4 for detail on User’s Manual)


Parameter Overview

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  Diameter 32cm          
  Height 8.7cm          
  Weight 3.2kg          
  Battery 2200mAH Ni-MH          
  Dustbin Capacity 300ml          
  Power 25W          
  Charging Time 4-5 hours          
  Cleaning Time 90-120 mins          
  Noise 45DB          
  Side Brush Single          
  Water Tank -----          
  Cleaning with central brush Yes          
  Intelligent Dust Detection -----          
  UV Function -----          
  Obstacle Avoidance Yes          
  Anti-drop Sensors Yes          
  Voice Prompt -----          
  Auto Recharge Yes          
  Remote Control Yes          
  Cleaning Modes Auto/Spot/Edge/Schedule          
  Map Navigation -----          
  Wifi Control -----          
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