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Product name

Liectroux B6009 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Map Navigation and Memory Voice Prompt Adjustable Suction Mode Twining -proof Brush

Product description

2D Map Navigation
with Memory

B6009 Making cleaning a kind of enjoyment

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Get to know the cleaning effect of B6009

Wireless Carrier Indoor Positioning System

With Memory & Accurate Positioning to cover the whole house without missing any partition.

The charm of B6009

Good Equipment New Advanced

B6009 User Friendly Design, making robot vacuum cleaner a home must, owner's pet and maid.

Star Craft Artificial Intelligence System Dedicated Chip

ESLAM Map Algorithm
Floating-point arithmetic
Built in dual-core Chip
High integration peripheral & simplification


Wireless Carrier Indoor Positioning System

With Memory & Accurate Positioning to cover the whole house without missing any partition.

Bionic Algorithm Improving Cleaning Efficiency

Mapping system helps to scan the environment around and build up the map inside the CPU, automatically do the partition cleaning to cover the whole house at one time in order. The cleaning efficiency is significantly improved..


Accurate Mapping High Cleaning Coverage

Advanced gyroscope navigation and map building system ensure the accuracy of mapping , high sweeping coverage and cleaning efficiency.

Autonomous Learning,Intelligent evolution

Intelligent: Robot itself identify the location and go back to charging station directly even in different area.
Succinct: Press the auto cleaning key, robot can automatically plan to clean one room after another without any hand labor.
Smart: Navigates in your unique home, cleaning around clutter and avoiding stairs.
Efficiency: The more times cleaning in the beginning , the higher efficiency will be.


Ultra high speed environment perception to
detect the whole environment



The cleaning effect



Noise as low as 45DB to keep harmony with living environment

Working mode with low noise make you unaware of its existence without disturbing your life.


Dual- way Virtual Blocker
Safer protection barrier

When the robot comes into the virtual blocker, it will turn away, not interrupting into the area the virtual blocker keeps away from, such as area with water, toilet or other places where the robot easily got stuck so as to make the cleaning smoothly and successfully.


V-shaped floating Roller Brush
Collect the dust more completely

The floor joint and the carpet edge are where dust hides and hard to clean. V-shaped floating Roller Brush collects the dust by clinging to the floor to do the fluctuate cleaning while preventing second pollution.


Deal with various floor environment easily

Floor: The strong suction power enable to suck the dust on wooden floor, marble floor and ceramic tiles.
Carpet: V-shaped Floating Roller Brush enable to collect the dust and little particulates on the carpet. (only suitable for carpet with hair length less than 1cm)


Brushless motor provides strong power

High-performance brushless motor with fast-rotating, strong suction and low noise enable the robot work powerfully.


2000mAh Li-ion Battery

The 2000mAh Li-ion Battery enable the robot to clean large household of up to 200 square meters.


Calculate the shortcut path Auto Recharging

Coordinate memory algorithm, automatically detect the environment and the size. After finishing cleaning, the robot will return to the original point (where it starts to do the cleaning) with enough power if without charging base.


Even permeation Exquisite wet mopping

First dry sweeping, then wet mopping with big water tank to constantly creeping, making the floor fresh new.


Dual UV Light Making the cleaning healthier

The UV light disinfects the bacteria mites so as to keep home healthy.


3D Filter prevent second pollution

The dustbin capacity of B6009 is enlarged as compressed dust collection equipment so that it could clean a big household at one time and reduce the cleaning frequency. The dustbin box is washable to easily keep clean and longer life.

Daily maintenance so easy

Dustbin Dis-assembly

1.Press the push button on the panel, the LED panel cover will be opened
2.Take out the dustbin

Dustbin Cleaning

1.Please open the dust cover, pour out the dirt and other rubbish
2.Dustbin box, 3D filter and HEPA filter can be washed by water.


Roller Brush Dis-assembly

1.Pull the "U" shape clip on the both sides of the cleaning bracket with both index fingers, and remove the cleaning bracket.
2.Pull up the left side of the roller brush and take it out.
3.Please clean the roller brush by the provided cleaning brush or by water (Do not install until roller brush is dry. )
4.Take out the left side fixed accessory of the roller brush and clear any obstructions around it. 5.After taking out the fixed accessory of the roller brush, we can pull the hair brush out and clean it.
Roller Brush Assembly
1.Place right side of the roller brush into drive correctly. (Tips: Rotating the right side of roller brush will be easier to insert it to drive shaft)
2.After finishing roller brush installation, the soft semicircular rubber wiper must be put flat.
3.Align the buckle of the cleaning bracket into the two U-shaped grooves and press down to lock..

Clean the Roller Brush

Please clean the roller brush by the provided cleaning brush or by water. (Do not install until roller brush is dry.)


Mop bracket operation layout

Fill water from water tank.
Stick mop on the velcro place.
Align the water tank to the socket and press it properly.

Parameter Overview

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  Diameter 35cm          
  Height 10cm          
  Weight 3.3kg          
  Battery 2000 mAhLi-Ion          
  Dustbin Capacity 1L          
  Power 25W          
  Charging Time less than 5h          
  Cleaning Time 80-100 mins          
  Noise 45/60 dB          
  Side Brush Double          
  Water Tank 220 ml          
  Cleaning with central brush Yes          
  Intelligent Dust Detection Yes          
  UV Function -----          
  Obstacle Avoidance Yes          
  Anti-drop Sensors Yes          
  Voice Prompt Yes          
  Auto Recharge Yes          
  Remote Control Yes          
  Cleaning Modes Auto/Mop/Edge/Schedule          
  Map Navigation Yes          
  Wifi Control -----          
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